Listen to what our students think about us.

"We are very pleased with the progress that Manon has made under Emily-Jane's tutelage. While our daughter had a child's passion for singing, she needed an adult's discipline, which only an experienced and competent teacher can provide. Under Emily Jane's expert guidance, our daughter was able to pass her graded examinations and, more importantly, become a better singer. She is now able to control her voice and take on board criticism, which we never believed possible! We cannot confer enough praise on Emily-Jane for the hard work she has invested in our daughter's musical development."Mark and Yukiko Howard, Ealing

"An excellent teacher who is ready to help with exams and curriculum work but is happy to intersperse it with music of the pupil's choice…reliable and flexible about working hours and it was a joy to watch my daughter blossom under their tutelage."Lyndsay Lardner, Blackheath

"My lessons have opened up a whole new world to me and I have learnt so much. In our lessons, they are so helpful and clear and their constant encouragement has really built up my confidence! My lessons are the highlight of my week. Their attention to detail has really helped me to improve! You have taught me everything that I know about singing technique and as cheesy as it sounds, it really has transformed my life!! It's funny to think back to my first few lessons - I could never have predicted how much I would learn and how much singing would become such an essential part of my life, bringing me so much joy! My lessons with you have been like therapy! - however stressed or tired I might have been before our lessons, I always left feeling inspired and excited to have learnt something new. Thank you for introducing me to some fantastic music and for helping me through my Grade 8 - it was so much fun working through all the repertoire and getting into all the finer details."Frances Thomson, Ealing

"Emily-Jane is an inspirational teacher - my daughter Poppy made such good progress by having her as her teacher. She is very professional and very current in what she teaches. I thoroughly recommend her."Mrs Scott, London

"I loved having Emily-Jane as my singing teacher - she gave me so much confidence for my exam that I am now on Grade 4!!! She is a great teacher and I am lucky to have been taught by her."Poppy Scott, London

"I was suffering terribly from poor self-confidence and with an audition coming up, I treated myself to singing lessons. Best decision ever. Sailed through and actually enjoyed it!"Janeen Quentin, London